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Want Cheese With That Whine: The Voices of Self-loathing and Self-love

I am the voice of self-love.

I’ve heard everything self-loathing has to say. It’s OK. Nothing new there. My job is to support the self – no matter how he’s feeling. I’m here, and have always been here. In fact, I was Present before the seed met the egg. When his mother was stressed, didn’t want to be pregnant, smoked cigarettes and got sick, I was here. I’m the real nurturer. In me, the self can always feel safe.

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Episode 004: the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: Meditation on Death

Click here to play: Episode 004 – the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: Meditation on Death Website: Format: 160kbps MP3 Time: 30:22 Highlights: Tibetan Buddhist Death Dissolution Meditation Discussion with Donn C. on his experience with the meditation in light of the recent death of his father Thanks to jazz pianist Clay Giberson for the show intro How many Buddhas do …

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Eat Your Zen

As addicts, we’ve spent our lives deep in attachment to our drugs of choice, whatever they may be. Sure, Buddhism addresses attachment. But in the case of the addict it’s more like Attachment Gone Wild. For this we need a serious, specific form of medicine. For me, it’s the 12-Steps and my Buddhist practices. As a 12-Step Buddhist, I’m fully aware of this need to know the condition at a deep level because failure to stay in that knowledge almost cost me my lifeā€”more than once. It’s about knowing what the condition is and the condition is samsara. Part of what keeps us stuck in samsara is attachment. We just won’t let go, no matter how bad it hurts.