the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast - Episode 012 - Kevin Griffin - a Burning Desire


Host and author of the 12-Step Buddhist Darren Littlejohn speaks with author Kevin Griffin about his new book, a Burning Desire.

Episode 011 – Mirror Neurons and Recovery

Mystic Cool

Episode 011 features Don Goewey, author of Mystic Cool. We discuss neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to grow neurons) as it relates to stress, fear and addiction. Don gives an explanation of Mirror Neurons and their role in the social brain’s ability to learn from participating in support groups such as 12-Step programs. Don ends with some easy to use tips for healthy brain development using some tools he learned from his long time friend, psychologist Carl Rogers.

Episode 010 – Create the Fellowship You Crave

by the two Khenpos

Create a 12-Step Meditation meeting, finding a Dharma teacher, learning more about Buddhism, integrating with 12-Step recovery.

Episode 005 – the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: OM AH HUM Meditation by Lama Yeshe


By Lama Thubten Yeshe at Geneva, Switzerland (Archive # 044, Last Updated Apr 23, 2008) When you meditate, don’t squeeze yourself. Just sit comfortably and let your breath energy flow naturally; be just as you are. Don’t think, “I’m a meditator”; don’t think, “I’m humble”; don’t think, “I’m an egotist.” Don’t think anything; just be.

Episode 003 – the 12-Step Buddhist Podcast: My best thinking got me here?

Guru Amitaus

My best thinking got me here? How karma relates to the creation of delusions for all of us but specifically for addicts. What to look for in a spiritual teacher, Listener question: How do I become a Buddhist?