His Holiness Kusum Lingpa: Vajradhara Introduction

His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa is the “Modern day living Relic.” His Holiness is a highly accomplished masterfrom the
Dzogchen Pema Nying-Thig lineage andalso a great Maha Siddha from Tibet. H.H. is also a *Terton or treasure revealer of
the highest Tantric teachings in Vajrayana. H.H. serves as a powerful spiritual guide for practitioners who are fortunate enough
to meet him. With his exceptional enlightened qualities, he is often considered a ‘crazy wisdom yogi.’ H.H.’s spiritual attainment,
supreme wisdom and unconditional compassion represent the Enlightened Form, Speech and Mind of all the Victorious Ones.

Bob Thurman on The Now

He warns, “…the now is like meditation with an intact world picture that at the essence of you is nothingness, because you have no former life, you have no future life, your mind is only your brain, and consciousness is an illusion and thank God science has found that out! So that theres reality in yourself that you can withdraw to when you die, is like a super sleep. It’s like oblivion. Because your essence there, that means your essence is nothing to yourself. Now. If you think that is what will happen to you at death, that your continuum of awareness will be nothing forever. That’s what you think, you have that picture, because you have a picture that that’s the essence at the middle of your heart right this minute.