Just This Moment


Everything slips away into the past. It’s all gone forever. Ever notice that? I was thinking about my childhood. Seems like it was hardly me. My years getting sober in San Jose. Slipped away. My life in Portland, no longer exists. This past year and all its turmoil, like a bad dream. I remember my Zippy. I still love him. … Read More

Seventeen Years Clean and Sober!

The grass I enjoy now truly is greener.

I got back to recovery on December 4th, 1997. After relapsing with ten years sober in AA, Today I celebrate 17 years without a drink, fix, pill or drug. A friend in the treatment field says that I should have celebrated 30 years on October 21st because the relapse was part of my recovery process. These 17 wouldn’t be possible … Read More

Buddhas, Babes and Bands


Today I woke up and listened to a webcast teaching from my teacher, Chogyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche. We practiced Guru Yoga with thousands of practitioners worldwide. The practice consists of singing the Song of the Vajra, a sacred mantra that takes about 12 minutes to chant. As I did this practice I was still a little dreamy. There was a … Read More