Yoga Gratitude

Hello Yogis,Here’s my guest blog on the Core Power Yoga site. I tried to write about the gratitude I feel for the studios, teachers and the practice. Feel free to leave a comment on the site: My face was down on the mat, soaked in sweat from the past 45 minutes of Hot Power Fusion with my favorite teacher, … Read More

Shamanic Healing and Aspects of Self

Today I had another healing session with my shaman, Rosemary Beam. She asked me to speak from the voice of the part of me is unforgiving to other parts. What I learned is that one side is powerful and strong and unwilling or unable to feel much else besides anger. This side can be harsh and rigid and keeps the “self” from having full, healthy relationships. Another side is open, intuitive and vulnerable.

5000 days (in a row).

It’s easy to talk spiritual trips when all is well. It’s a mother to live the teachings when your guts churn from the inside out, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, month after month. It’s hard when you hurt people you love. It’s real hard when someone asks you how you’re doing in public and you break down crying, unable to catch a breath. Pain is deep. Samsara is beginningless.

4,748 Days

Darren Littlejohn hasn’t had a drink, fix, pill or joint in 13 years as of today. Who’da thunk? Yesterday at 10:14am · Friends Only · LikeUnlike · Comment Taylor Thompson Lancaster, Mary Smith, Edward Macarchick and 46 others like this. Jeremy Ward Rock on Darren!! Yesterday at 10:15am · LikeUnlike James Kennedy Congrats! I have 4 years at the end … Read More