Yoga and the Cycle of Life

At the end of a free beginner’s class at Core Power Yoga, the teacher gave an explanation of the sequence we’d just done. After 75 minutes of grueling yoga work, I always find myself in deep relaxation during the final savasana (resting) pose. At that point

Twitter Me This: How To Use Technology to Stay Sober


Using Technology to Stay Sober. I’ve been on Facebook for a couple of years, but just started using it this past year. Same thing with Myspace, though I’ve used it a big longer. I collect friends by searching for who’s friends with whom, using search terms like Buddhism or recovery and similar methods. It has definitely helped me make connections that I wouldn’t have ever made.

What is Buddha Nature?


Best answer wins a free gift! Answer in the comments section below. The most interesting and original answer will win the person a free piece of 12-Step Buddhist Gear from the Zazzle store (left). -d UPDATE: Thanks for all of the great answers. The two that resonated the most with me are below. I’ll be sending a gift from the … Read More