Be Amazed With Your Existence!


Today I acknowledge that my skin, tissues, bones and cells are amazing, powerful, rare expressions of the vital life force, prana in Sanskrit. Rather than judge myself on appearance, I choose to own my physical expression as an unbelievably rare event in the universe. It is amazing and, since my body is an expression of life, rather than a possession of the ego, I know on a deeper level that I am amazing.

Three Ways to Gain Focus


This painting from a Tibetan Buddhist monastery is like a cartoon strip showing stages of a monk calming his mind through meditation training. At the bottom you see a new monk whose mind wanders so much in its own directions that it resembles a muddy elephant led by a naughty monkey. The monk is running after it.

Nothing Lasts Forever…

Nothing lasts forever...

So what do we do about this situation? A nice, new-agey, hippy answer might be to be. Personally, I’m a little more new-edgy than new-agey. The platitudes were obsolete before they were even uttered. “Just be, bro. Just BE.”