Brand New: The Power of Vow

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Grab a copy for yourself and a family member, co-worker, sponsor, therapist or spiritual teacher. Anyone who knows an addict should read this book.


12-Step Buddhist GEAR

Tibetan Incense

This is where I get mine. For some reason just the scent of this amazing incense puts me right into a meditation space.

How to Make a Mala – Part 1

How to make a mala – Tibetan prayer beads. Part 1.

How to Make a Dharma Desk


In my book I mentioned that you could find the How To for the Dharma Desk I made myself. It’s a pretty simple thing to build. If I can do it with limited skills, I’m sure anyone with a little knowledge could make a real nice version of this.

How to Start a 12-Step Sangha Meeting

12-Step Sangha

The types of meditation meetings that you’ll see around the country are mostly from the view of Buddhists in recovery. The way we set up our 12-Step Sangha meeting here in Portland is more like, “Meditation for Recovering People.”

Twitter Me This: How To Use Technology to Stay Sober


Using Technology to Stay Sober. I’ve been on Facebook for a couple of years, but just started using it this past year. Same thing with Myspace, though I’ve used it a big longer. I collect friends by searching for who’s friends with whom, using search terms like Buddhism or recovery and similar methods. It has definitely helped me make connections that I wouldn’t have ever made.

What is a Mala: How to use Tibetan Prayer Beads

Tibetan Prayer Beads

One of the challenges of integrating recovery from addiction and Buddhism is the mention of ritual practices. I’ve met many a few self-proclaimed recovering Catholics in 12-Step recovery over the years. The last thing they want to be told is that they have to sing this, chant that, prostrate here or kneel there. Many of us have had traumatizing childhood experiences at the hands of religious funamentalists who talked a lot better than they walked.