Nothing Lasts Forever…

Nothing lasts forever...

So what do we do about this situation? A nice, new-agey, hippy answer might be to be. Personally, I’m a little more new-edgy than new-agey. The platitudes were obsolete before they were even uttered. “Just be, bro. Just BE.”

How to Attain Meditative Stability

how to attain mediative stability

One of the most important aspects of meditation is the notion of meditative stability. We find a comfortable seat in an environment without distractions. Find a straight back. Let  your eyes soften. Sit tall and strong. Notice your strength.  Breathe in deeply.  On the inhale, take in a little more air and hold with an open throat before exhaling.  Pause … Read More

12-Step Buddhist Google Plus Community


I wondered where all the intelligent discussion went on the Internet. Was there some site I was unaware of where people shared information without spam and anger? Then I got on to a Google Plus discussion for a new book on authorship. I write books and am interested in technology. I was shocked to find out that there was great people, resources and conversations to be had. Others have been saying this for some time, but I was unconvinced. For some reason, like Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest, I didn’t get Google Plus right away.