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For reviews, see the Media section of the site. The 12-Step Buddhist is also available on Powell's, Barnes and Noble, Snow Lion and other online resources.

Grab a copy for yourself and a family member, co-worker, sponsor, therapist or spiritual teacher. Anyone who knows an addict should read this book.


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Tibetan Incense

This is where I get mine. For some reason just the scent of this amazing incense puts me right into a meditation space.

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Those who have read The 12-Step Buddhist may recall that my view of recovery is a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach. We should use all of the tools at our disposal. Too often in 12-Step communities our thinking is limited. While the 12-Step Model to me is necessary, it isn’t sufficient. For that reason, I try to

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On December 4th, 2013 I celebrated 16 years of continuous sobriety. This interview and meditation was recorded by my publisher, Beyond Words. Click here to enjoy it!

Interview on Recovery Radio

This is my recent interview on Recovery Radio. It went well. Let me know what you think.

Darren Littlejohn on BBS Radio’s Zany Mystic Show

Darren Littlejohn on BBS Radio’s Zany Mystic Show This interview appears in four parts on Youtube.

Reveal What's Real - TV Interview

Interview on the television show Reveal What’s Real with host Erin Donley:

The 12-Step Buddhist from Reveal What's Real on Vimeo.

When Darren Littlejohn wrote the book, the 12 Step Buddhist, he had no idea if his truth, his teachings, or his unapologetic ways of being would be accepted. He was full time addict