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Grab a copy for yourself and a family member, co-worker, sponsor, therapist or spiritual teacher. Anyone who knows an addict should read this book.


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Tibetan Incense

This is where I get mine. For some reason just the scent of this amazing incense puts me right into a meditation space.

B. Alan Wallace in Portland, Nov 1, 2008

B. Alan Wallace in Portland, OR on November 1st, 2008. Dr. Wallace discusses physics and Buddhist thought convergence in the light of Western vs. Eastern evolution of ideas about knowledge and meaning.

HH Kusum Lingpa – Seattle – October, 2008

His Holiness Orgyen Kusum Lingpa is the “Modern day living Relic.” His Holiness is a highly accomplished masterfrom the Dzogchen Pema Nying-Thig lineage andalso a great Maha Siddha from Tibet. H.H. is also a *Terton or treasure revealer of the highest Tantric teachings in Vajrayana. H.H. serves as a powerful spiritual guide for practitioners who are fortunate enough to meet him. With his exceptional enlightened qualities, he is often considered a ‘crazy wisdom yogi.’ H.H.’s spiritual attainment, supreme wisdom and unconditional compassion represent the Enlightened Form, Speech and Mind of all the Victorious Ones.

Bob Thurman Interfaith Conference – Portland, 10/08

Discussions of Buddhism and Christianity from esteemed scholars including Jan Chozen Bayes and others.

The Two Khenpos – Portland, Sept. ’08

The Khenpo brothers give teachings on Death, Dzogchen and Manjushri Empowerment for the Portland chapter of the Padmasambhava Buddhist Center. For more:

Venerable Robina Courtin Retreat – Aug. ’08

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