Brand New: The Power of Vow

For reviews, see the Media section of the site. The 12-Step Buddhist is also available on Powell's, Barnes and Noble, Snow Lion and other online resources.

Grab a copy for yourself and a family member, co-worker, sponsor, therapist or spiritual teacher. Anyone who knows an addict should read this book.


12-Step Buddhist GEAR

Tibetan Incense

This is where I get mine. For some reason just the scent of this amazing incense puts me right into a meditation space.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche @ Maitripa Summer ’09

Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s Upcoming Teaching Schedule at Maitripa College

LZR Arrives @ PDX June 2009

June 26: Chod Initiation Beginning at 6pm
(*previous highest yoga tantra initiation required to attend)

For more on Chod practice, see Machig Labdron & the Foundations of Chod

June 27-28: Great Chenrezig Initiation Beginning at 4pm each Day

There doesn’t appear to be any prerequisite for the Chenrezig Inititation.

June 29-July 1: Chod Commentary Beginning at 6pm each Day
(*Chod initiation required to attend)

To register, see for details. I recommend people to get there early for a seat.