What is Buddha Nature?


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ronin // Sep 19, 2008 at 2:13 pm
I would define Buddha nature as the awareness which all sentient beings have access to. It is the background, if you will, of all things that arise out of the unmanifest world. If one were to think of it as a painting, it would be the canvas. You can’t NOT have Buddha nature. It is simply consciousness, awareness. It is not a thought, not a thing, but rather the witness to all these things. It is what gave rise to the manifest world. You can think of it as the vast intrinsic open space, or freedom, which all things rise out of. It is without even my awareness of it. It is pure consciousness, the true Self.


adam.p88 // Sep 19, 2008 at 2:49 pm
Buddha nature is that which is aware of these words,
That which watches as impermanent forms arise, endure and subside,
That which is perfectly clear, on which not a speck of dust can alight,
That which is is radiantly awake, which perceives even when there is nothing to perceive,
Buddha nature is effortlessly aware, boundlessly accomodating to every form that appears within it,
It is without preferences, without attachment,
It has no aversion, no ignorance, for all is known only in, by and through it.
It is in all things and all things are in it.
Knowing it is knowing the essence of all things,
Being it is being the Buddha here and now.
It is your very own Original Face, the void that is awake of the scene of this present moment.
From it all things appear,
To it, all things return.
It is your own nature.

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